Rent Payment Options

  • Rent is due on the 1st of each month and no later than the 5th.
  • We accept cash, check or money order at each site office
  • You can have your rent directly debited from your checking or savings account. You may download and print the “Direct Debit Form” here. Please submit the paperwork along with a voided check to the Main Office located at 800 East 21st Street, Falls City, NE 68355.
  • Check and/or money orders can be placed in the rent drop box at each site or can be mailed to: SNHP, 800 East 21st Street, Falls City, NE 68355
  • Rent can be paid online through the Tenant Portal
  • You can request more information by calling your site property manager.
Direct Debit Authorization


Each month, the Southeast Nebraska Housing Partnership releases a brief newsletter describing the month’s activities, information about upcoming programs and events and meal calendars. Please check each month’s newsletter for important information that may affect your rental obligations. Newsletters are archived online and can be found below.


The Southeast Nebraska Housing Partnership (SNHP) provides and hosts many events for SNHP residents as well as the surrounding community. Residents are notified of events through monthly newsletters which are delivered to each apartment monthly in addition to being posted online in the newsletter section.


  • Under the regulation of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), we are required to conduct annual inspections on all SNHP managed properties. The property manager ensures the housing units are decent, safe and sanitary. HUD also conducts its own annual inspections, in which units are selected for inspection at random.
  • It is your responsibility to make certain entry can be gained to the unit. You may be present for the inspection. There is no specific time that the inspector will come to your unit. Please be advised that we will enter your unit on the scheduled date even if you are not home. The inspector will be checking for the following (not limited to):
    • Cleanliness of the bathroom
    • Cleanliness of the kitchen and all appliances
    • Cleanliness of visible clutter throughout the unit
    • Operability of smoke detectors
    • Cleanliness of outside areas of private porches and patios if applicable to your unit
    • For more information, contact your sites property manager