Supportive Services

The resident supportive services program was developed to prevent premature and unnecessary institutionalization of rail, elderly, non-elderly disabled, and temporarily disabled residents. This program offers a variety of innovative approaches for the delivery of meals and nonmedical supportive services while making use of existing service programs; fills gaps in existing service systems; and ensures availability of funding for meals and other programs necessary for independent living.

Assistance in the form of grants and state approved means tested programs is provided for at least one hot meal per day plus other supportive services necessary for independent living such as, personal care, bathing assistance, housekeeping, chore provider, transportation, and grooming/hygiene.

Services may be used by frail elderly (62 years or older), disabled and temporarily disabled persons whoa re residents of federally subsidized housing and are unable to perform at least three activities of daily living. An independent professional assessment committee works with the SNHP service coordinator to determine eligibility for services and to recommend a service package to the housing management.

Services provided include:

To inquire about services, please contact our office a 402.245.4204.

Meal Plans